I am a professional developer and designer. I enjoy doing graphics for Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates because I like the freedom of it. Since people are starting to commission me to do logos, both in pieces of eight and in real money, I put this mini-site together to put everything in one place.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, I'm Thespian on Midnight and Hunter, Thes on Cobalt and Viridian, thespian at shantyraidio.com, and Thespian in the forums. Payment is radically wild depending on how much interest I have in the project, but well, as mentioned, I do this for a living, and I do Y!PP for fun, so fun is important!

I am, btw, hireable IRM (that's 'in real money') if you want your flag or crew to have a really professional looking website. Just sayin' ;-)